My wife and I both had physical therapy from Sandra. Sandra is a terrific physical therapist and will always stand heads above the rest in many ways. These ways include Sandra’s hands on approach, her knowledge on different types of therapy, her concern for us, her communication with our doctors and orthopedists, her availability for answering pertinent questions, etc. We thank the Doctor who recommended Sandra to us every time we see him. He often laments at the fact that Sandra has moved to Colorado and he lost the one therapist he could count on to do the correct thing by his patients. Last year, my wife and I had an unusual year and we both required a bit of physical therapy. We found that we were continually comparing the other therapists to Sandra and we would say that we wished Sandra was still here. The people in Colorado should really be thankful that they have Sandra and they will understand this once they have been treated by her. THANK YOU Sandra.

Skip and Carol,