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Best of 2016 Centennial Award

Thank you so much for this award.  I am honored that I was chosen and voted Best of 2016 for Centennial!  Being a small business owner for a private physical therapy practice has given me the opportunity to provide the quality care patients deserve.  First established in 2003, I opened my first office in New…
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Understanding The Psoas: Muscle of the Soul

Understanding The Psoas: Muscle of the Soul The Psoas, is one of my most favorite muscles!  As a Manual Physical Therapist specializing in both Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and Chronic Pain, treatment including the psoas is almost always a part of my treatment plan. I am amazed and humbled by its broad reaching clinical presentation which…
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Core Muscle Retraining

Have you ever experienced a time when, wow, you were doing so great and getting back into shape, but then your back goes out AGAIN! Ugh! Generally, what I hear often from new patients … “Then my back went out… for no reason at all!”   Well, there is usually a reason and so let’s take…
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