Home Care Treatments

  • Functional Mobility:

We will asses and practice functional activities of daily living which may include sitting to and from standing, getting in and out of bed, transferring into and out of the tub, toilet transfers and car transfers.  The goal is to perform each function safely and with ease.

  • Gait Training:

We will assess the way you walk and if you are in need of assistive device.  We will practice walking in your home and outdoors.  Our goal is to improve your gait so that you are steady and safe when walking.

  • Strength Training:

A variety of exercises can be performed at home with or without weights based on your tolerance. Exercises can be done in supine, sitting and standing.

  • Flexibility Training:

It is very important to maintain good flexibility as we age.  This can help to improve your agility and something as simple as putting on your shoes.  Stretching exercises can be performed in supine, sitting and standing based on your level of safety.

  • Posture Training:

Postural awareness and education will be provided.  This may include various exercises to stretch and strengthen areas to improve posture. Having a good posture can help improve safety in all areas including walking.

  • Body Mechanic Training:

Performance of daily tasks with the correct body positioning to improve safety and decrease injury.

  • Balance and Coordination Training:

Specific balance and coordination exercises as tolerated to improve gait and activities of daily living.

  • Pelvic Floor Program:

Specific exercises and or bladder and bowel program based on your condition. For more information see our Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy page.

  •  Home Exercise Program:

A home exercise program will be provided that can be performed safely and independently between home care visits.