Email Disclaimer

Email  Disclaimer

If you would like to contact us via email please fill out our contact form. Private health information should not be sent in this form. Email is a NON-SECURE Network and confidentiality cannot be guaranteed.  Please feel free to call us at 303.475.6252. We will return all email and phone inquiries Monday-Friday within 24 hours when possible.

Your Rights of your Private Health Information

The HIPPA Privacy Rule allows for communication electronically upon your request and consent. Transmitting Confidential health information by email and SMS Text has a number of risks that should be considered before using email or texting. Email and texting is not a secure or private network and confidentiality of emails and texts cannot be guaranteed; viruses, hackers and other unauthorized users can intercept emails and texts and get access to your account; emails and texts can be received by intended or unintended recipients; emails and texts can be copied, printed and forwarded by recipients without the original senders permission or knowledge; emails and texts can be lost due to technical failure during transmission; users can misaddress an email or text in error; or any other improper unintentional disclosures of your private health information.

Because of the risks outlined above, we cannot guarantee confidentiality of information sent electronically via email or text and therefore do not recommend sending private health information on our contact form via email or through texting.  Evoke will not be liable for security risks. If you communicate confidential medical information via email and or text you are assuming these risks; it will constitute as informed consent to the foregoing and communication in response via the same method, email or text is acceptable.

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