Physical Therapy Treatments

Treatment Options

As a manually based physical therapy practice our specialty is our hands. We offer private, one to one sessions, 45-60 minute in length. Specialty treatments are available for Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy, Pregnancy, Postpartum and Manual Orthopedics. Your physical therapy treatment program will consist of manual treatment, therapeutic exercises and a home exercise program.

 Manual Therapy
Internal Manual TherapyVaginal and Rectal Adults Only

 Trigger Point Release
 Myofascial Release
 Muscle Energy Techniques
 Soft Tissue Mobilization
 Visceral Mobilization
 Strength Training
 Flexibility Training
 Neuromuscular Reeducation
 Spine Stabilization
 Core Training
 Posture Training
 Ergonomic Training
 Body Mechanic Training
 Balance Training
 Coordination Training
 Bladder Retraining
 Bowel Retraining
 Biofeedback
 Dilator Training
Pelvic Floor Muscle ProgramRelaxationNeuromuscular ReeducationCoordination TrainingStrengthening Functional Training

Abdominal Muscle ProgramNeuromuscular Reeducation Core Training Strengthening Stretching Functional Training

 Diaphragmatic Breathing
 Body Awareness
 Patient Education
 Electrical Stimulation
 Ultrasound
 Home Exercise Program

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