I Care About You

Total Body Wellness

Your session will primarily focus on manually based physical therapy, core exercises, breathwork and a holistic approach to body wellness. Based on your evaluation, manual physical therapy may include a combination of techniques including deep-tissue massage, soft-tissue mobilization, myofascial release, abdominal massage, trigger point release, strain counterstrain techniques, visceral mobilization, muscle energy techniques (MET), scar tissue mobilization and connective tissue release and more. Treating the root cause and balancing the whole body's myofascial and structural systems is utmost to getting a person well and staying well! Progressing to core retraining, stretching and advanced core exercises is an important piece to staying well too. These specific individualized exercises will be instructed and provided for you to practice at home.  I teach you tools to help you keep your body in alignment. It's all about empowering you to know how to help yourself. I really love it when my patients tell me, "I started feeling something and then I did that thing you showed me and I was better!" AWESOME! I am dedicated to helping you and I truly care. Our sessions are private and we talk. Having a holistic approach, I evaluate all the pieces of your life, that which brought you to the point where you are now. Everything affects everything and I consider everything in helping you on your wellness journey. I know personally that at times healing can be difficult, overwhelming and isolating. I often tell my patients to use the support of their "trees" ~ faith, family and friends." My patients know that they have my support; how necessary it is to feel supported. Together, we will evoke your inner potential and mobilize change towards your goals and independence! ― You Have My SupportSandra

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